Ban Records 36650

Name Banned By Reason Banned On Banned Until State
Odawg_ImSkullyBug abusing.16th July 2019 12:19am16th July 2019 12:29amExpired
Odawg_ImSkullyBug abusing.16th July 2019 12:18am16th July 2019 3:18amUnbanned by ImSkully
GayBoy69PikChuRacism15th July 2019 9:36pmPermanent BanActive
GayBoy69PikChuRacism15th July 2019 9:36pmPermanent BanUnbanned by PikChu
GaybitWiktionaryInappropriate Username15th July 2019 6:46pmPermanent BanActive
bustdownbotConsoleInappropriate nickname. (Player Report)15th July 2019 6:00pm17th July 2019 6:00pmActive
treehousesConsoleScamming. (Player Report)15th July 2019 5:59pm22nd July 2019 5:59pmActive
AngelaOwOSerana_xoBan evading15th July 2019 2:32pm18th July 2019 2:32pmActive
ItzLoboSerana_xoAttempting to scam15th July 2019 2:22pm18th July 2019 2:22pmActive
pussy_smoke_007Serana_xoinappropriate name15th July 2019 1:44pmPermanent BanActive
ShadowMaKiSerana_xoAttempting to dupe15th July 2019 1:07pmPermanent BanActive
BensDaySerana_xoAttempting to dupe15th July 2019 12:58pmPermanent BanActive
YedrisSerana_xoracism15th July 2019 12:41pmPermanent BanActive
STEVE666Serana_xoimpersonation15th July 2019 11:32am17th July 2019 11:32amActive
NoBruhhV2ConsoleSuicide encouragement15th July 2019 9:23am20th July 2019 9:23amActive